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Why you should not regret missing an opportunity (2)

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Published Mar 25, 2019

In our entire life till now many of us have missed a lot of opportunities that we come across. But one must never regret of losing it and get discouraged and disappointed. Life can still get you where you need to go and achieve your goals in life. The best example is of the GPS system, to reach to any destination we have to set the directions and the GPS will calculate the best route. With the help of the GPS u can drive but at the same time you can get distracted with the traffic and you can completely miss the street which doesn’t mean that you will reach the destination. At the same time it will re-calculate the other route and in the same way you will reach the destination. Similarly god has its own way to give us directions. We may tend to miss his instructions. Same way we will be directed to the place where we need to be.

I want to share an experience, during my college days I was always a back bench er and would never take part in any speaking competitions. Was very shy always. Once my professor forced me to give a speech in the college function. I tried my level best to escape it but had to finally give the speech. It was an amazing experience and this thing completely changed my life after which I excelled in many competitions in my college days and I also got chance to be a trainer where I taught many students and also enjoyed it.

Everyone has missed opportunities to do something good and excel in their careers.

So my dear friends never lose hopes and take every possibility as an opportunity and try to excel in every thing you do could be that this opportunity could be a turning point in your life, irrespective to what you may miss but you always have something really nice awaiting you which can change your life.

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So my dear friends never lose hopes and take every possibility as an opportunity and try to excel in every thing you do could be that this opportunity could be a turning point in your life, irrespective to what you may miss but you always have something really nice awaiting you which can change your life.This upper statements is heart touching... If u want to achieve it just do it until u get it beat of luck readers....

Why you should not regret missing an opportunity (14)

Very good and simple words for any one to understand that life has ups and down even cardio reader should go up and down or there is no life. and to the best opportunity and challenge are counter to be a active person in life remember if by any chance if a door is closed for u .... Wait and watch there will be 10 another doors waiting for u to get in ...... I thank you for motivational artical

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Why should we not become frustrated on missing and opportunity? ›

In our entire life till now many of us have missed a lot of opportunities that we come across. But one must never regret of losing it and get discouraged and disappointed. Life can still get you where you need to go and achieve your goals in life.

What is the impact of missed opportunity? ›

According to the inaction inertia literature, the discrepancy between the missed and current opportunity induces counterfactual thinking which produces regret. As the attractiveness of the missed opportunity increases, the level of regret increases, thus reducing the likelihood of accepting the inferior opportunity.

What does it mean when you miss an opportunity? ›

to not use an opportunity to do something: She missed the chance of promotion when she turned down the job of assistant manager.

Is a missed opportunity a risk? ›

This is a common question you get as a risk management professional or consultant. Over the years, I realized that the answer to this pretty generic question is always the same. The biggest #risk for literally EVERY company is a lost #opportunity.

How do you let go of an opportunity? ›

Here are some steps you can take to meet the goals above:
  1. Sleep On It. Regardless of how compelling a new opportunity is, always build in thinking time. ...
  2. Determine your Non-Negotiables. ...
  3. Determine Negotiables. ...
  4. Check Yourself. ...
  5. Adjust Current Commitments.
Oct 6, 2019

Why should you say no to an opportunity? ›

It might be better to say no. Every opportunity you accept means there's less time for another one, and sometimes, the future opportunity is more important to your longterm success. Figuring out what you can afford to not do is often the best first step toward figuring out what you can do.

Is it okay to say no to opportunity? ›

Choosing between options or saying yes or no to opportunities is hard — but being deliberate in how you make decisions can be the difference between a successful and fulfilling life, and one that is significantly less so.

What is the quote about wasting an opportunity? ›

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a squandered opportunity, a missed chance.

Why is it important to take opportunity? ›

Opportunities allow you to achieve your dreams

We can't always stay comfortable because comfort leads us nowhere. If we never try taking an opportunity then how else will we ever know if something is possible?! If you want it, taking opportunities means taking chances which leads to achieving those dreams and goals.

Why Ignoring opportunity cost is a big mistake? ›

Thinking about opportunity costs is important because money can only be spent once. The decision whether to buy something should not be based solely on a good's attributes, but also on potential alternative uses of people's money.

Why do people miss opportunity? ›

We miss our opportunities of love, happiness, career and success because we refuse to learn the lessons that come our way. When a new opportunity comes, we would rather stay safe instead of taking a risk. We have been told to fear the future and to believe in the past.

What are the risks of opportunity? ›

Opportunity risk occurs whenever there's a possibility that a better opportunity may become available after having committed to an irreversible decision. We all experience opportunity risk at its most basic level several times a week.

Can an opportunity be a threat? ›

So how are opportunities the same as threats? The definition of risk as "uncertainty that matters" covers them both. Just like a threat, an opportunity is uncertain and it may not happen, but if it does occur then it will have an effect on our ability to achieve one or more objectives.

What are examples of Opportunity risk? ›

Opportunity-based risks for a business include moving a business to a different location, buying a new property, or selling a new product or service.

Is it okay to let go of an opportunity? ›

You can let go of opportunities that aren't a good fit, and you can do so without letting people down or burning bridges behind you. When we get honest about who we are and what we want, we can start to see the longterm benefits in being selective about experiences we take on.

How do you avoid missing leads and deal opportunities? ›

There are simple things you can do every day to place yourself at the center of the preparation/success intersection and avoid missing opportunities.
  1. Strengthen Relationships. ...
  2. Seek Feedback And Ask Questions. ...
  3. Be Decisive. ...
  4. Think Like A Lion. ...
  5. Make Sure All Your Links Are Up To Date.
Oct 15, 2015

How do I overcome fomo in my career? ›

We've created five simple steps to help you nip your FOMO in the bud.
  1. Be Honest. Your first step in handling your FOMO should be to evaluate your skills and position. ...
  2. Be Engaged. Once you've identified the reasons you're being left out, it's time to act. ...
  3. Be Indispensable. ...
  4. Be Persistent. ...
  5. Be Realistic.

Can you give us a reason why we should not hire you? ›

Sample answer #1:

If you are looking for a candidate who'll be obedient to every order without any questions asked, then I am probably not the right choice. I ask a lot of questions to have a clear understanding of what I am being asked to do and what results are expected.

How do you professionally say no to an opportunity? ›

Examples of ways to say “no”
  1. “Unfortunately, I have too much to do today. ...
  2. “That sounds fun, but I have a lot going on at home.”
  3. “I'm not comfortable doing that task. ...
  4. “Now isn't a good time for me. ...
  5. “Sorry, I have already committed to something else.
Aug 17, 2021

Should I say yes to every opportunity? ›

Saying yes opens you up to new challenges and opportunities. If you wait until you feel ready to pursue an opportunity, chances are it'll pass you by. Saying yes means that you're open to moving past your comfort zone and embracing a new challenge.

Is it OK to say no to something you don't want to? ›

Saying no can benefit your performance and career.

And it keeps you on track with your future career plans. It's important for your mental well-being. Our mental fitness suffers when we bite off more than we can chew. To maintain mental clarity, you need to say no to tasks you know you can't handle.

Who said Opportunity is missed by most? ›

Opportunity Is Missed By Most People Because It Is Dressed in Overalls and Looks Like Work - Thomas Edison - NEW Classroom Motivational Quote Poster.

Who said never miss an opportunity? ›

Quote by Abba Eban: “They never miss an opportunity to miss an oppor...”

Who said it's better to be prepared and not have an opportunity? ›

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” Read more quotes from Whitney M. Young Jr.

What happens if opportunity costs are ignored? ›

Opportunity cost is the foregone benefit of options not chosen. If opportunity costs are neglected in decisions about public policy, there is a high risk that the best options are overlooked.

What happens when there is no opportunity cost? ›

If there is no opportunity cost in consuming a good, we can term it a free good. For example, if you breathe air, it doesn't reduce the amount available to other people – there is no opportunity cost.

Why is opportunity cost a problem? ›

Another problem with opportunity cost is that, in reality, there is a continuum of alternatives to any action. The next best option to Alternative A is usually doing Alternative A but cutting some corners slightly.

How do I get over regret of wasted time? ›

  1. 9 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Time and Double Your Productivity. ...
  2. Plan Your Day Beforehand. ...
  3. Prioritize Accomplishing Things Over Activity. ...
  4. Avoid Rushing — Do Things Right Once. ...
  5. Take Time to Relax. ...
  6. Account for Every Minute. ...
  7. Prepare for More Work as You Grow. ...
  8. Quit TV and Social Media.
Aug 6, 2021

How do you let go of a decision you regret? ›

How to Forgive Yourself and Let go of Regrets
  1. Acceptance. Acknowledge that you are a human, and know that every human makes mistakes. ...
  2. Learn from mistakes. Try to learn from your mistakes. ...
  3. Take risks. Be willing to take risks. ...
  4. Visualize the future. Picture yourself free from guilt, regret, and self-condemnation.

Does the feeling of regret go away? ›

It's one of those feelings you can't seem to shake, a heavy and intrusive negative emotion that can last for minutes, days, years or even a lifetime. Imaging studies reveal that feelings of regret show increased activity in an area of the brain called the medial orbitofrontal cortex.

Does regret fade over time? ›

The emotional experience of regret often persists rather then fading over time.

What are the signs that you are wasting your life? ›

10 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life
  • Sign -01: You do not feed yourself. ...
  • Sign -02: You do not feel inspired. ...
  • Sign -03: You do not have planned about your future. ...
  • Sign -04: You spend too much time on the smartphone. ...
  • Sign -05: You always stay in your comfort zone. ...
  • Sign -06: You sleep a lot.
Jun 21, 2021

What are the negative effects of regret? ›

Regret can increase our stress, negatively affect physical health and throw off the balance of hormone and immune systems. Regret is not only unpleasant. It is unhealthy. As a licensed clinical psychologist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, I conduct research on stressful emotions.

What does the Bible say about regret? ›

Regret can draw us to salvation. Paul tells us that “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation” (2 Corinthians 7:10) and that it is God's kindness that brings us to repentance (Romans 2:4). Looking back at failures or missed opportunities should make us feel a sense of loss.

Is it better to regret not doing something or regret doing something? ›

Based on the research, it seems that not doing something is usually the more regrettable action. So say “Yes!” to life as often as you can and reduce the potential opportunities for long-term regrets.

How does regret affect decision making? ›

The developmental emergence of regret seems to affect children's decision-making: Children who experience regret about a choice are more likely to make a better choice next time, and regret also seems to help children learn to delay gratification and behave more prosocially.

Why do I always regret every decision I make? ›

Research around regrets show that we tend to forgive ourselves for mistakes we actually make. It's idealism that drives us to be mired in regrets. A study looking at how regret relates to self-concept found that, “people's most enduring regrets stem more often from discrepancies between their actual and ideal selves.

How do I stop agonizing over decisions? ›

Avoid Overthinking Decisions With These 7 Easy Tips
  1. Observe your thoughts from a distance. ...
  2. Write down your thoughts. ...
  3. Designate 'no-thinking' times. ...
  4. Distract yourself. ...
  5. Focus on what you can do right now. ...
  6. Respect your own opinion. ...
  7. Know that you can change a wrong decision.
Jun 27, 2016

How do you know if a decision is right? ›

How to know if you are making the right decision
  1. Listen to your gut. There's something to be said for trusting your gut. ...
  2. Spend time reflecting on your values. ...
  3. Imagine both kinds of “what ifs” ...
  4. Work through it in therapy. ...
  5. Zoom out the lens on your life. ...
  6. Consider the advice you'd give a friend.
Jun 3, 2021


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