The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (2023)

My Hero Academia has become a popular superhero anime filled with a roster of heroes performing extraordinary feats with their unique powers — or Quirks, as they’re called. As much as we love all the students at UA High School’s Class 1-A and the Pro Heroes that train them, we had to pick 15 heroes and rank them based on their popularity and the effectiveness of their Quirks.

Below are our picks for the 15 best characters from My Hero Academia. You can also check out our guide to the best anime characters of all time for more.

15. Endeavor

Quirk: Hellflame

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (1)

Endeavor is able to generate and manipulate powerful flames at will, and cover his whole body in flames, which he does most of the time to keep up his imposing appearance. His flames give him a wide range of combat abilities, like large-scale flamethrowers, heat rays, and fists of fire.

The amount of damage Endeavor’s flames dole out depends on the temperature he sets them at and what he’s doing. Low-temperature flames are used to incapacitate weaker targets and minimize the strain on his body, while high-temperature flames finish off even the strongest opponents. This proves risky because dangerous levels of high heat take a toll on Endeavor, who relies on other people to hose him down.

14. Midnight

Quirk: Somnambulist

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (2)

Somnambulist sounds like the name of a perfume by Mugler, but this Quirk allows Midnight to emit a sleep-inducing aroma that puts her targets to sleep if they breathe in a certain amount, making it difficult for them to fight her in close range. It works better on males than it does on females.

Midnight’s fragrance is only effective when she’s wearing clothes thin enough for her to tear off in order to release it and when her targets are not holding their breath, as Mineta (Grape Juice) had done by covering his mouth with Sero’s (Cellophane) tape during the First Term Final Exam.

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13. Mina Ashido (Pinky)

Quirk: Acid

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (3)

Ashido can produce acid from her skin, and her skin builds resistance to the acid in turn — although it has given her skin a pinkish appearance, hence her Hero name, Pinky. She can produce and manipulate high quantities of acid from any part of her skin. Her acid is highly corrosive; it can melt metal objects, giving her a leg up over opponents who rely on weapons and equipment that can be destroyed very easily.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how much acid Ashido can produce, as it can reduce her skin’s natural resistance to corrosion and dehydrate her to the point of death if she pushes her limits. To minimize the risk, she constantly produced acid to make her skin more durable against its corrosive properties during her training.

12. Tenya Ida (Ingenium)

Quirk: Engine

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (4)

Any Hero who has this Quirk can manifest engine-like protrusions on any of their limbs that allow them to move at speeds higher than the average human being. In Tenya’s case, he has engines on his calves (whereas his brother Tensei has engines on his elbows).

Engine allows Tenya to travel long distances within a short period of time, which is useful when placed on missions that require reaching a faraway destination in the shortest time possible, chasing a high-speed object, or escaping an overwhelming threat. If he removes his mufflers, a new one regenerates in its place, increasing the power and efficiency of his Quirk. Fuel him up with orange juice and he’s ready to go.

11. Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot)

Quirk: Hardening

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (5)

As the name heavily suggests, Hardening allows Kirishima to make his body as hard and solid as a rock, protecting him from dangers that would otherwise be fatal to others. This Quirk, once activated, makes him so invincible that not even a bullet can make a scratch on him.

The more damage Kirishima takes in his hardened state, the more his Hardening improves, as shown when Mashirao Ojiro repeatedly attacked him with his Tail, inadvertently increasing his strength and durability. The caveats are that Kirishima can only take so much damage in battle that too much of it can cause his Quirk to slowly dissipate, and struggling to keep it active will cause him to lose stamina. However, even if it breaks down completely, he’ll follow it up with another Hardening and increase its durability and duration.

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10. Hawks

Quirk: Fierce Wings

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (6)

Hawks gets his name from the Quirk that gives him a pair of red wings with feathers that can be manipulated telepathically. While he’s able to fly at extraordinary speeds, his feathers can be detached at will to perform individual tasks, such as carrying people around or cutting opponents, and then reattach to his wings as long as they’re intact. The feathers also act as sensors as they feel the vibrations produced by the people and objects in their vicinity.

If too many feathers are detached or they get burned off, Hawks won’t be able to fly. Don’t worry, they grow back in two days.

9. Kyoko Jiro (Earphone Jack)

Quirk: Earphone Jack

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (7)

Because of Earphone Jack, Jiro’s earlobes are shaped like headphone jacks that can be plugged into a variety of objects, even thick concrete walls. They can deal internal damage to the objects they’re plugged into when they channel the vibrations of her own heartbeat.

Jiro mostly uses her Quirk for scouting work, detecting sounds within a 12-meter radius. But if she has to fight enemies up close and personal, the jacks can act as whips that can stretch up to 6 meters and shock them with vibrations.

8. All Might

Quirk: One For All (formerly)

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (8)

One For All is a transferable Quirk that can be passed down from one generation to the next with just a sample of the owner’s DNA, and allows the user to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power. This Quirk manifests itself in different ways internally and externally. In All Might’s case, it enlarged his muscles and overall body mass to give him the appearance of a cartoonishly strong superhero, putting his Quirk to good use and cementing his status and legacy as the Symbol of Peace.

All Might was the eighth holder of One For All, who received it from his mentor Nana Shimura when he was a teenager because he, like Deku, was Quirkless to begin with. After suffering severe injuries to his lungs and stomach from his first battle with All For One (whose Quirk of the same name allows him to steal other people’s Quirks), he would only use One For All and maintain his Superman-esque appearance for three hours a day, and revert back to his true skinny form (Toshinori Yagi) the rest of the time. He passed One For All down to Deku by feeding him a strand of his hair, and became Quirkless again after exhausting the remainder of his Quirk during his last battle with All For One.

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7. Fumikage Tokoyami (Tsukuyomi)

Quirk: Dark Shadow

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (9)

Tokoyami is able to manifest a sentient shadow monster from his body that he can materialize and contact freely. It basically acts as his guardian and living appendage that can carry out his every command.

When exposed to bright light, Dark Shadow is smaller and weaker but still displays incredible strength and defense. In total darkness, it grows bigger, stronger, and harder for Tokoyami to control, especially when he’s experiencing negative emotions, causing it to go on a rampage. Tokoyami managed to keep Dark Shadow in check by training in a dark cave, making sure it remains the same size as it was during the day when activated.

6. Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

Quirk: Creation

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (10)

Yaoyorozu has the ability to create any object she wants, like weapons and tools, from any part of her exposed body in certain situations by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells. In order to do that more efficiently, her costume had to be designed so that her skin is exposed from the neck down, and eat enormous amounts of food so that she has more material to work with.

This Quirk also allows Yaoyorozu to conjure up objects bigger than the surface area of her skin and even herself provided that she has enough lipids; however, they can take more time to conjure up than smaller objects. She can also create objects outside of her body as long as part of the creation is touching her body.

5. Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)

Quirk: Frog

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (11)

Tsu exhibits the abilities and behaviors of a frog, including frog-like anatomy, lower-body strength in her legs, wall-clinging, a powerful extending tongue that can reach far distances, camouflaging, fast-swimming, and secreting mucus with different effects like paralysis and hiding scent —all of which she can use limitlessly and in combination with each other. Because of her frog-like anatomy, she hops instead of running but walks like a normal person, and says “Ribbit".

Her Quirk allows her to thrive in missions that take place in an aquatic environment, swimming freely underwater without losing strength or agility, making her more proficient in fighting and rescuing people underwater, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater (despite most frogs being freshwater creatures).

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4. Katsuki Bakugo

Quirk: Explosion

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (12)

Bakugo creates explosions of various sizes by excreting nitroglycerin-like sweat from his palms and igniting them at will, creating destructive shockwaves that often burn or shatter whatever they hit. Excess sweat makes his explosions more powerful, prolonging his battles since prolonged physical activity makes him naturally release sweat.

Bakugo also uses Explosion to propel himself through the air, blind his opponents, and release long-range blasts. However, his explosions take longer to detonate in cold weather compared to warm weather.

3. Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity)

Quirk: Zero Gravity

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (13)

Uraraka removes the effects of gravity from solid objects or people by touching them with her fingertips, rendering them weightless and floating in mid-air as long as they weigh no more than 3 tons. When she closes her fingers together, the effects of her Quirk are canceled.

She uses her Quirk directly on her opponents by getting close enough to make contact with them through her fingers. Her abilities prove extremely useful during rescue missions in disaster zones where she can levitate wreckage when an opponent isn’t looking and release the debris on them as a long-range projectile attack or holding onto them to use as a melee weapon.

2. Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

Quirk: One For All

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (14)

Deku is the ninth and current holder of One For All, having inherited it from All Might after eating a strand of his hair. Upon gaining One For All, Deku’s body wasn’t used to its extreme power, putting his body at risk of blowing apart, so he had to train with All Might to keep it under control for 10 months in preparation for UA High School’s entrance exam. Even after that, using One For All resulted in him breaking his limbs.

Deku managed to break the habit of hurting himself after learning to channel One For All evenly throughout his body and honing the Quirk as his own, using a certain percentage of it at a time. The Quirk causes Deku’s body to generate green lightning bolts when he activates One For All: Full Cowl, which mostly involves the use of his legs. Because One For All has been passed down for generations, other abilities have manifested within Deku, such as Blackwhip, inherited from the fifth user, Daigoro Banjo.


1. Shoto Todoroki (Shoto)

Quirk: Half Cold, Half Hot

The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked (15)

Todoroki has the ability to generate ice, frost, and cold from the right side of his body, and fire, flames, and heat from his left. He developed Half-Cold Half-Hot thanks to a fusion of his father Endeavor’s Hellflame and his mother Rei’s Frost through a Quirk Marriage, a type of marriage arranged for the sole purpose of choosing and/or enhancing a specific Quirk to be passed down the bloodline — a practice that is considered unethical in the eyes of society.

Due to his hatred of his fire abilities that resulted from his father’s abuse during his childhood, Todoroki preferred using the right side of his body, molding ice and frost for offense and defense, freezing anything he touches, and creating protective barriers, stairs for elevation, or a wave of ice to surf through. He can also stack ice shards behind his back to propel himself forward, freezing the ground to skate on it. He initially used fire abilities to thaw out victims of his freezing attacks, but began to embrace them after fighting Deku at the UA Sports Festival and use both ice and fire attacks in equal balance.

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The 15 Best My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked? ›

Description. U.A.'s Big Three represents the top hero candidates in all of Japan. Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado did not rank well in their previous U.A. Sports Festival, and their strange personalities leave a strong impression on most people.

Who is the best character from My Hero Academia? ›

Top 10 Best My Hero Academia Characters
  • 1 Shoto Todoroki. ...
  • 2 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. ...
  • 3 Katsuki Bakugou. ...
  • 4 Eijiro Kirishima. ...
  • 5 Ochako Uraraka. ...
  • 6 Toshinori Yagi. ...
  • 7 Shouta Aizawa. ...
  • 8 Tsuyu Asui.

Who are the top 3 heroes in MHA? ›

Description. U.A.'s Big Three represents the top hero candidates in all of Japan. Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado did not rank well in their previous U.A. Sports Festival, and their strange personalities leave a strong impression on most people.

Who is the #2 hero in MHA? ›

Keigo Takami ( 鷹 たか 見 み 啓 けい 悟 ご , Takami Keigo?), also known as Wing Hero: Hawks (ウィングヒーロー ホークス, Wingu Hīrō Hōkusu?), is the former No. 3 and current No. 2 Pro Hero.

What hero rank is Deku? ›

The series is a retelling of Deku's story in which he already states that he ends up being the number 1 hero in the world.

Who is the top 10 strongest in MHA? ›

My Hero Academia: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked
  1. 1 Tomura Shigaraki/All For One.
  2. 2 Izuku Midoriya. ...
  3. 3 Yagi Toshinori (Prime) ...
  4. 4 All For One (Prime) ...
  5. 5 Star And Stripe. ...
  6. 6 Gigantomachia. ...
  7. 7 Enji Todoroki. ...
  8. 8 Rumi Usagiyama. ...
Mar 23, 2023

What is R rated hero? ›

Ristar. Nemuri Kayama (香山 睡, Kayama Nemuri), also known as the R-Rated Hero: Midnight (18禁ヒーロー ミッドナイト Jū-hachi-kin Hīrō Middonaito), is a supporting character in the anime/manga series My Hero Academia. She is a Pro Hero as well as a teacher at U.A. High School who teaches Modern Hero Art History.

Can Deku defeat Dabi? ›

Dabi is more akin to a squishy wizard than a bulky warrior in My Hero Academia. Deku's best shot is to fly towards Dabi at high speeds and land a devastating punch. Therefore, he cannot let the battle go on for too long.

Who is stronger than All Might? ›

1 Kai Chisaki Can Manipulate Matter With His Quirk

This Quirk basically gives him control over matter, and it can be used to instantly defeat All Might. With a single touch, Kai can literally blow All Might's body apart, and no amount of durability or endurance would be able to stop it from happening.

Who is stronger than Midoriya? ›

During his time as the Number One Hero, All Might fought All For One twice and managed to defeat him during both encounters. Without a doubt, he's far stronger than Izuku Midoriya.

Who is the badass character in MHA? ›

Kirishima is such a a badass guy. Coloring from MHA Ch. 280. Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido have a storied history with Gigantomachia.

What rank is Aizawa? ›

Binding Cloth: The cloth on Aizawa is used for combat, made of carbon nanofibers and a special metal alloy. Using his Binding Cloth, he's earned a 6/5 in Technique; an S rank.

Who is the oldest 1a student? ›

1) Katsuki Bakugo

While Bakugo seems like the kind of person who makes impulsive decisions, he is quite smart and is always evaluating the situation before taking any action. He is the oldest student in class 1-A.

How powerful is Deku at 100%? ›

Full Cowl at 100% dramatically increases all of Izuku's abilities, granting him strength and speed that rival that of All Might, and the ability to move through mid-air using wind pressure. At 100%, Izuku completely outmatched Overhaul in his final form.

Does Deku go 100%? ›

Deku Goes 100% In My Hero Academia Ep. 76 'Infinite 100%' (Review)

Who is the smartest in Class 1A? ›

1 Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo is quite easily the smartest character in U.A's Class 1-A. The entire class looks up to her when it comes to intelligence and in the databooks, she's the only one to be given a rating of over 5.

What is Bakugo's hero name? ›

Katsuki Bakugo (Japanese: 爆豪 勝己, Hepburn: Bakugō Katsuki), also known by his nickname Kacchan (かっちゃん, Katchan) and his hero name Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (大・爆・殺・神ダイナマイト, Daibaku Kisshin Dainamaito), is a superhero and one of the main protagonists of the manga series My Hero Academia, created by Kōhei ...

How old is Dabi? ›

Dabi is a tall, slender 24-year-old young man with spiky black hair and blue eyes.

How tall is bakugou? ›

My Hero Academia Statistics Chart
Katsuki Bakugo14 (Episode 1) 15 (Episode 3)5'8" / 172cm
Shoto Todoroki155'9" / 176cm
Ochaco Uraraka155'1" / 156cm
Tenya Ida155'11" / 179cm
16 more rows
Mar 13, 2023

How tall is deku? ›

Izuku falls squarely on the lower end of the My Hero Academia height chart, at 166 cm (or 5' 5"). This puts him in between Mina Ashido (who is 159 cm, or 5' 3") and Denki Kaminari/Yuga Aoyama (both are 168 cm, or 5' 6").

Can Shoto beat Deku? ›

Shoto Todoroki is victorious.

What does Dabi hate? ›

The Flame Hero: Endeavor is Dabi's father. Dabi holds a huge grudge against Enji for rejecting him in the past and feeling like he was being used as a tool. In fact, Enji's overwhelming negligence on him seems to be the main reason for his fall to villainy.

Does Dabi love his mom? ›

He still cared about his family even after everything he's been through he even cares about Rei enough to apologize to her this is seen when he was lying to the coach he still calls them affectionately. He still calls his mother okaa-san. That's proof that He still cares about them.

What is Deku's strongest form? ›

Faux 100% was developed by Izuku shortly before the final war arc. This ability of his is extremely powerful and sees him make use of his keen intellect to get the most out of One For All. Faux 100% is simply Deku combining 45% of One For All with the kinetic energy that he has stored within himself with Fa Jin.

What are nines quirks? ›

The man that would be known as Nine was born with a Quirk that allowed him to control and manipulate the weather around him. His Quirk was immensely powerful and was viewed as a god-like ability. At the same time though, Nine was one of the many who felt outcasted in society and believed that it should not be this way.

What is the strongest quirk in MHA? ›

All For One is, quite possibly, the strongest Quirk there is in My Hero Academia. It was formerly wielded by All For One and is currently in Shigaraki Tomura's possession. All For One allows the user to steal anyone's Quirk at will and even distribute the stolen powers among people.

Can Deku beat Boruto? ›

Yes. The nature of the OFA quirk is that it grows stronger over time, and Deku is continuously using more and more of it. Eventually he should get strong enough to destroy fused Boruto in less than a second.

What is DEKU's strongest quirk? ›

One for All is the most legendary quirk of My Hero Academia, and Deku inherited it from All Might. However, it was initially used by Yoichi Shigaraki, the series' first host, from whom it was passed down to his successors. It is an extremely strong quirk and can store a staggering amount of raw power.

Who is the coolest girl in MHA? ›

My Hero Academia: 13 Best Female Characters
  • 8 Nana Shimura.
  • 7 Lady Nagant.
  • 6 Ochaco Uraraka.
  • 5 Momo Yaoyorozu.
  • 4 Froppy.
  • 3 Cathleen Bate.
  • 2 Himiko Toga.
  • 1 Mirko.
Apr 14, 2023

Who is the nicest villain in MHA? ›

10 Best Villains In My Hero Academia, Ranked
  • 8 Muscular.
  • 7 Overhaul.
  • 6 Himiko Toga.
  • 5 Gigantomachia.
  • 4 Dabi.
  • 3 Stain.
  • 2 Tomura Shigaraki.
  • 1 All for One.
Mar 12, 2023

How old is Eri Aizawa? ›

As time passes in the manga and anime, Eri is later seven years old. Initially, Eri lacks control over her Quirk and doesn't learn to use it properly for quite some time, but as time passes, she is able to use her Quirk for better things and is able to escape her past.

Who is Aizawa bestfriend? ›

Oboro Shirakumo was the classmate and best friend of Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) and Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic).

What rank is toga? ›

Toga as she's about to kill Curious and her followers with Ochaco's Quirk. Himiko Toga is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. She's an A-Rank villain who's a suspect on the run for serial murders involving blood drainage.

Who is 16 in mha? ›

Like Tomura, Himiko Toga works for the League of Villains and is another primary antagonist. She's just a year older than Class 1-A, making her 16 years old. Himiko is cheerful and upbeat to the most uncomfortable extremes — especially compared to her brooding colleague.

Who is the youngest pro hero in MHA? ›

At the age of eighteen Keigo opened his own Hero Agency and ranked among the top 10 Pro Heroes of Japan within the year, becoming the youngest hero to do so. His quirk called Fierce Wings bestows Hawks with a set of red feathery wings on his back.

Who is the UA traitor? ›

Reacting in shock, Toru realizes that Yuga has been the fabled "U.A. Traitor" all along. Yuga's parents hysterically try to reassure Yuga, reminding him of how he was able to inform All For One about the location of the training camp without being exposed.

How strong is black Deku? ›

During the Quirk Apprehension Test, he demonstrated a grip strength of 56 kilograms and the ability to run the 50-meter dash in 7.02 seconds (15.93 mph/25.64 kph). Even after these events, Deku diligently trains his muscles every day and becomes physically stronger throughout the series.

How fast is Deku in mph? ›

According to this study, that means Izuku was traveling at a rate of 17, 045 miles per hour. That kind of figure makes him eight times faster than the world's quickest jet, and he would be moving at about 10x the speed of a bullet.

Is 100% Deku faster than light? ›

Deku is faster then the speed of light | Fandom. This post is locked. Aoyama's laser is stated to be light and has the properties of light. It's shown in these scans proving that the laser itself is light and that = Light Speed.

How much is Deku's IQ? ›

Deku. (140.5 Avg.)

What is dark Deku? ›

In order to try to protect people, Izuku left UA and is working with All Might and an elite squadron of heroes as he goes through his Batman phase—better known to fans as Dark Deku.

Does Deku get all 6 quirks? ›

As of now, Deku has access to seven Quirks, namely One For All, Transmission, Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, and Float. The basic gist of all these powers is that they all come from the previous One For All users, with their abilities becoming stronger throughout the generations.

Who hates Class 1-A? ›

Neito Monoma's rivalry with class 1-A goes far beyond normal competitive spirit in My Hero Academia. This is clearly a personal grudge for him.

Was Deku's quirk stolen as a kid? ›

Garaki specifically stole Deku's quirk from him as a child because of its impressive potential, it's also likely that same quirk could've been the ability that All For One chose to pass down to his quirkless successor, Shigaraki.

Who left Class 1-A? ›

Back. My Hero Academia's newest chapter explained why Gigantomachia ultimately left the kids of Class 1-A and 1-B were left alone. The kids found themselves surprisingly thrust into the center of the battle when Gigantomachia was called to Tomura Shigaraki's side when the villain woke up.

Who is the top 1 hero in My Hero Academia? ›

Flame Hero – Endeavor

1 Pro Hero is Enji Todoroki, better known as the Flame Hero Endeavor.

Who is a better character Deku or Bakugo? ›

4) Better interactions with other characters

Bakugo's more dominant personality often means that other characters around him don't get to look as good by comparison. Deku's more straightforward and friendly personality may sometimes lead to him being overshadowed, but it also allows other characters to flourish more.

Who is the 1 hero in My Hero Academia? ›

Endeavor officially became the No. 1 Hero only after it was announced at the event.

Who is the least liked mha character? ›

Sadly, most of the least popular characters from My Hero Academia are students from Class 1-B who just don't get a chance to shine. This includes Togaru Kamakiri, who has one of the more interesting 1-B designs, resembling a praying mantis.

Is Shoto better than Bakugo? ›

Thanks to training his Quirk, known as Explosion, under Endeavor, Bakugo has now become extremely fast and powerful. He's at least equal to Izuku Midoriya in his 45% One For All state, which means he's likely stronger than Todoroki right now.

Who is more popular Shoto or Bakugo? ›

Both the East and West firmly agree that Katsuki Bakugo, the yellow-haired explosive rival to Midoriya with a hot-headed temper, is the most popular character.

Who is smarter Deku or Bakugo? ›

A first impression would suggest that Katsuki Bakugo is a pea-brained thug who loves explosions, but that's not the case. He is just as smart as Izuku Midoriya, and his battlefield intuition and perceptive skills are formidable. That's partly why he's such an advanced student at UA.

How old is Eri? ›

As time passes in the manga and anime, Eri is later seven years old. Initially, Eri lacks control over her Quirk and doesn't learn to use it properly for quite some time, but as time passes, she is able to use her Quirk for better things and is able to escape her past.

Who is All Might's wife? ›

Cathleen Bate was a tall woman with a well-muscled build.

Who is 20 in MHA? ›

Tomura Shigaraki

Who is the saddest in MHA? ›

My Hero Academia: 9 Characters With The Saddest Backstories
  • 8 Spinner.
  • 7 Dabi.
  • 6 Hawks.
  • 5 La Brava.
  • 4 Twice.
  • 3 Kota Izumi.
  • 2 Eri.
  • 1 Tomura Shigaraki.
Feb 17, 2022


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