My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (2023)

Class 1-A students in My Hero Academia have encountered numerous challenges since enrolling at U.A. High School. From participating in battles at the Sports Festival to facing villains invading their school and training camps, the students of 1-A have been continuously tested. With these challenges, Class 1-A has matured and its students are working hard to achieve their dreams of becoming Pro Heroes.

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In My Hero Academia, one cannot judge a book by its cover due to how a Quirk can impact physical appearances. Misleading designs, combined with the dangerous situations these students have faced, make it easy to forget that Class 1-A is made up of first years students in high school. All of these students are fifteen when they first appear, and are sixteen at the current point in the series.

Updated on November 25, 2022, by Alexandra Locke: As the U.A. students face increasingly dangerous missions and grow as heroes, many people forget how young these talented individuals are. This article has been updated to add even more Class 1-A students.


15 Denki Kaminari Has Newfound Maturity

June 29

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (1)

While he was initially seen as a fun-loving and lackadaisical student, Kaminari has come into his own. His performance during the raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front hideout was a spectacular depiction of his newfound maturity and evolving powers.

Kaminari hasn't always been the bravest U.A. student, but he puts his fears aside to protect his friends – especially Kyoka Jiro. Kaminari may be one of the youngest students in My Hero Academia, but his recent actions show a sense of courage well beyond his years.

14 Izuku Midoriya Is A Hero

July 15

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (2)

Izuku Midoriya is an ambitious teen and the newest carrier of the One For All Quirk. Despite his age, Midoriya has acclimated to the superpowered Quirk and has finally started to make it his own. With the addition of the past users' Quirks, Midoriya has become more powerful than ever – even giving Tomura Shiguraki a run for his money.

Midoriya has always been a hero at heart. Even when he was Quirkless, he immediately ran into a dangerous villain situation to save his friend. While Midoriya can be reckless, he's the personification of heroism.

13 Hanta Sero Is A Versatile Teammate

July 28

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (3)

Hanta Sero may not be as bombastic as some of his classmates, but he's still a great hero who's proven his worth on the battlefield. Sero's Tape Quirk is extremely versatile, making him an important part of any team he's on.

Like the rest of his class, Sero has faced his share of opponents all while keeping a cool head. As one of the more laid-back students, Sero knows the importance of staying calm in stressful situations. Sero is a fun and confident young hero who shows his strengths in combat.

12 Mina Ashido Is The Life Of The Party

July 30

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (4)

Mina Ashido is a bubbly U.A. student who loves to have a good time. She loves her friends and would do anything to bring everyone closer. Apart from her social life, Mina has proven to be an impressive hero. Mina's Acid Quirk has come a long way from the globs she could throw at the beginning of the series. She even showcases her latest Ultimate Move, Acidman, in recent battles.

Mina's life-of-the-party attitude and confidence in combat make her one of the most endearing characters. Unlike a lot of her peers, Mina knows the importance of a social and work-life balance – a skill most adults still do not know how to manage.

11 Kyoka Jiro Is Full Of Passion

August 1

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (5)

Kyoka Jiro is one of the quieter students in Class 1-A, but that doesn't mean she can't make herself heard. Jiro works meticulously to augment her Earphone Jack Quirk to be more useful in combat. She proves herself time and again, including the most recent raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front.

On top of hero work, Jiro is also an accomplished musician. Coming from a musical family, Jiro has had the privilege to learn multiple instruments, and loves to play in her spare time. She even writes and performs a song during their School Festival. Jiro is a well-rounded hero whose young age has not held her back from achieving great things.

10 Tenya Iida Is A Leader

August 22

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (6)

Tenya Iida is 1-A's class representative. Known for his "by the rules" personality and a strong sense of justice, Tenya is one of the most mature students in 1-A.

Iida's sense of maturity causes him to constantly look after his classmates. With his desire to uphold the mantle of the Turbo Hero: Ingenium, which is passed down to him by his brother, Iida is working hard and fast to become a great hero.

9 Momo Yaoyorozu Is Top-Ranked

September 23

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (7)

Serving as vice president, Momo Yaoyarozu is one of the top-ranked students in Class 1-A. Not only does Momo's Creation Quirk make her an impressive young hero, her tenacity and level-headedness are what set her apart. It's these qualities that make her a leader to her classmates.

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That said, Momo also has her own set of shortcomings, like underestimating herself during final exams. Despite her maturity, she's still a teenager at the end of the day.

8 Minoru Mineta Is Immature

October 8

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (8)

Fans might have guessed that 1-A's resident grape boy is one of the younger students in class. Mineta is notoriously immature among the 1-A students, bursting into tears when faced with danger and lacking confidence in his skills.

Immaturity is a personality trait that has become well-associated with Mineta. That said, Mineta has recently grown into his hero role and can be a competent and confident hero. He still has a lot of growing up to do, but he's slowly working toward maturity.

7 Eijiro Kirishima Is Unbreakable

October 16

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (9)

Kirishima might constantly talk about "manliness," but he's one of the youngest members of Class 1-A. Known for his fiery, confident attitude, and his friendship with Katsuki Bakugo, Kirishima is a prominent member of Class 1-A.

After facing multiple villains who cause Kirishima to question his ability to help anyone, he does not break and instead steels his resolve. Kirishima has grown a lot as a hero and is now one of the first people to jump into a fray. No matter if there are dangerous gang members or a gigantic, rampaging villain, Red Riot can be counted upon for his bravery, determination, and selflessness.

6 Fumikage Tokoyami Is A Dark Hero

October 30

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (10)

Tokoyami, Class 1-A's resident "creature of the dark", is one of the youngest students in My Hero Academia. The Jet-Black Hero is one of the more reserved and serious pupils, with a fanatic love of darkness and the ability to shred the electric guitar.

Tokoyami is a talented and dedicated student, obtaining an internship under Pro Hero Hawks, who he rushes in to save during the Paranormal Liberation Front raid. Tokoyami has proven his dark heroism in many battles. Plus his birthday lands on the day before Halloween, perfectly suiting his edgier interests.

5 Ochaco Uraraka Wants To Help Her Family

December 27

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (11)

It makes sense that Uraraka is on the younger end of her class. Despite her seemingly laid-back personality, Uraraka has always wanted to be a hero to make people smile and support her loving parents.

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As her time in the hero course progresses, she faces multiple villains during her work-study and questions her mettle as a hero. Fortunately, Uraraka figures out what kind of hero she wants to be: one who protects people when they are hurting.

4 Shoto Todoroki Accepts His Power

January 11

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (12)

Fans already know that Todoroki is the baby of his own family, but he's one of the youngerststudents in Class 1-A as well. Todoroki's stoic and seemingly emotionless attitude makes him seem older than he is.

While he can be naive, Todoroki has learned a lot in his time training with his father Endeavor. With his new abilities and impressive Quirk manipulation, Todoroki is well on his way to becoming a young but great hero.

3 Koji Koda Speaks To Animals

February 1

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (13)

Despite his brutish and rock-like appearance, Koji Koda is shy and quiet. He only ever talks out loud to use his Quirk. At the same time, Koda is very kind-hearted and has a love for animals.

Koda's timid personality, along with his severe fear of bugs, gives him a more youthful feel. Despite this, he pushes past his comfort zone to help his friends. Koda's Quirk is invaluable for reconnaissance missions, making him an integral part of the team.

2 Tsuyu Asui Is Calm & Collected

February 12

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (14)

Asui, or "Tsu" as she prefers to be called, might be the oldest sibling in her immediate family, but she is the second-youngest of the Class 1-A students. Her maturity is a quality that can be seen during the Training Camp Arc.

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Tsuyu's stance against saving Bakugo on their own from the League of Villains displayed her forthright thinking. Tsu is also one of the most level-headed students, which is a valuable asset both in battle and when talking with her friends.

1 Mezo Shoji Protects His Friends

February 15

My Hero Academia: 15 Youngest Class 1-A Students, Ranked By Age (15)

Mutant-type Quirks are known for extremely altering one's appearance, and Mezo Shoji is a prime example of this. Despite his tall and muscular appearance, fans may be astounded to learn that he is the youngest of the 1-A students.

Shoji is a very loyal and protective friend who is willing to put himself in harm's way if it means saving the people he cares about. He always stays calm and does whatever he can to support others. Shoji's instincts and attitude in battle make him appear older than he is.

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