How to claim past season rewards in Destiny 2? (2023)

People are searching the internet for how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2 queries and we are here to be of help! The Season Pass does come with some enticing bonuses. The Season 17 Season Pass goodies in Destiny 2 are extremely unique. The exotics in the Season of the Haunted Season Pass are not only visually appealing, but they also contribute to your strength in a utilitarian sense. Here are the Season 17 season pass goodies and how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2.

How to claim past season rewards in Destiny 2?

First things first, let’s get the most wondered question, how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2, out of the way. Follow these steps:

  • Go to theofficial Bungie website.
  • Log in to your account, then scroll down the menu to view and collect any awards that you were qualified for but were unable to unlock during the previous season.
  • By clicking on the profile symbol, you may access the Seasons Rewards Menu.
  • Choose the season progress choice, followed by the prior season selection.
  • You can also claim your prizes by utilizing the list that appears beneath it, which contains all of the unclaimed rewards.
  • Please keep in mind that you may only receive reward stuff for seasons you have finished. Even if you don’t have the season pass, you can still get some seasonal rewards.
  • The bottom set of Season Pass Rewards is only available to subscribers, whilst the free higher set is available to everyone. The key to unlocking prizes is accumulating experience points. Each season, one hundred season rankings and over two hundred prize items are available.
  • Now you know how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2.
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What was the price of the Destiny 2 Season 17 Season Pass?

The Season 17 Season pass for Destiny 2 follows the same format as Shadow Keep. Players can earn a free season pass, but you can also pay 1000 Silver, or about $10 USD, to gain access to the premium season pass, which includes even more exclusive items. Those who purchased the Season 17 premium season pass will have access to both the free and paid Season of the Haunted prizes.

Season of the Haunted gifts for Destiny 2 were largely simply a combination of boosts, shaders, and materials. What makes the season pass so appealing are the exotics and seasonal equipment it provides. Let’s go over all of the previous Destiny 2 Season Pass rewards for Season 17. With your knowledge of how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2, you can get all the rewards.

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Destiny 2 previous Season 17 Season Pass rewards

Now that you know how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2, here are the rewards. Season 17 Free Rewards were:

  • Rank 2: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 3: Glimmer x8000
  • Rank 4: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 5: Legendary Shards x25
  • Rank 6: Glimmer x8000
  • Rank 7: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 8: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 9: Bright Dust x200
  • Rank 10: Legendary Shards x25
  • Rank 11: Upgrade Module x2
  • Rank 12: Glimmer x6,000
  • Rank 13: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 14: Upgrade Module x2
  • Rank 15: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 16: Glimmer x6,000
  • Rank 17: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 18: Upgrade Module x2
  • Rank 19: Bright Dust x250
  • Rank 20: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 21: Upgrade Module x2
  • Rank 23: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 25: Legendary Engram
  • Rank 26: Upgrade Module x2
  • Rank 27: Eververse Engram x2
  • Rank 29: Bright Dust x300
  • Rank 30: Without Remorse (Legendary Shotgun)
  • Rank 33: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 35: Trespasser (Exotic Sidearm)
  • Rank 37: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 40: Bright Dust x400
  • Rank 43: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 45: Firefight (Legendary Auto Rifle)
  • Rank 47: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 50: Bright Dust x500
  • Rank 53: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 55: Exotic Cipher
  • Rank 57: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 60: Bright Dust x650
  • Rank 63: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 65: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 67: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 70: Bright Dust x800
  • Rank 73: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 77: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 80: Bright Dust x1000
  • Rank 83: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 87: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 88: Bright Dust x1,400
  • Rank 93: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 97: Eververse Engram
  • Rank 100: Bright Dust x100

Season 17 Premium Season Pass Rewards:

  • Rank 1: Trespasser (Exotic Sidearm)
  • Rank 2: Opulent Umbral Energy
  • Rank 3: Ritual Glimmer Boost
  • Rank 4: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 5: Small Fireteam XP Boost
  • Rank 6: Graceful Phantom
  • Rank 7: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 8: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 9: Glimmer x10,000
  • Rank 10: Swing of the Scythe (Finisher)
  • Rank 11: Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha
  • Rank 12: Crown of Sorrow Efficiency
  • Rank 13: Armor of the Haunted (Legendary Focused Umbral Engram)
  • Rank 14: Legendary Shards x25
  • Rank 15: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 16: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 17: Glimmer x10,000
  • Rank 18: Egregore Entrance (Legendary Transmat Effect)
  • Rank 19: Destiny Resource Bundle
  • Rank 20: Legendary Shard Dismantle Bonus
  • Rank 21: Enchantment Core 5
  • Rank 22: Catalyst Quest Boost Bonus
  • Rank 23: Glimmer x10,000
  • Rank 24: Armor of the Haunted
  • Rank 25: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 26: Small Fireteam XP Boost
  • Rank 27: Bright Dust
  • Rank 28: Season of the Haunted Arms Masterwork Boost
  • Rank 29: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 30: Pale Steed (Exotic Vehicle)
  • Rank 31: Legendary Shards
  • Rank 32: Crown of Sorrow Efficiency II
  • Rank 33: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 34: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 35: Armor of the Haunted (Legendary Focused Umbral Engram)
  • Rank 36: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 37: Glimmer x22,000
  • Rank 38: Season of the Haunted Legs Masterwork Boost
  • Rank 39: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 40: Spectral Indigo (Shader)
  • Rank 41: Armor of the Haunted (Legendary Focused Umbral Engram)
  • Rank 42: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 43: Armor Scrounger
  • Rank 44: Legendary Shards x50
  • Rank 45: Reaper Projection (Ghost Projection)
  • Rank 46: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 47: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 48: Season of the Haunted Class Masterwork Boost
  • Rank 49: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 50: Phantasm Shell (Exotic Ghost Shell)
  • Rank 51: Firefight Masterwork Bonus
  • Rank 52: Opulent Umbral Energy x4
  • Rank 53: Enchantment Core x5
  • Rank 54: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 55: Armor of the Haunted (Legendary Focused Umbral Engram)
  • Rank 56: Small Fireteam XP Boost
  • Rank 57: Eidolon Pursuant Gloves
  • Rank 58: Season of the Haunted Chest Masterwork Boost
  • Rank 59: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 60: Eidolon Pursuant Pants
  • Rank 61: Without Remorse Masterwork Bonus
  • Rank 62: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 63: Enhancement Prism x3
  • Rank 64: Epialos Following Gloves (Legendary Warlock Universal Ornament)
  • Rank 65: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 66: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 67: Eidolon Pursuant Bond
  • Rank 68: Season of the Haunted Masterwork Boost
  • Rank 69: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 70: Opulent Umbral Energy x6
  • Rank 71: Weapon Scrounger
  • Rank 72: Enhancement Prism x3
  • Rank 73: Epialos Following Boots (Warlock Universal Ornament)
  • Rank 74: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 75: Rain Banner x5
  • Rank 76: Small XP Boost
  • Rank 77: Eidolon Pursuant Robe (Legendary Chest Armor)
  • Rank 78: Bright Dust x1000
  • Rank 79: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 80: Cabal Loyalty (Legendary Emote)
  • Rank 81: Advanced Weapon Scrounger
  • Rank 82: Glimmer 30,000
  • Rank 83: Epialos Following Bond (Legendary Warlock Universal Ornament)
  • Rank 84: Upgrade Module x3
  • Rank 85: Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 86: Small Fireteam XP Boost
  • Rank 87: Eidolon Pursuant Veil (Legendary Helmet)
  • Rank 88: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 89: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 90: Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 91: Epialos Following Robes (Legendary Universal Warlock Ornament)
  • Rank 92: Opulent Umbral Energy x10
  • Rank 93: Raid Banner
  • Rank 94: Ascendant Shard
  • Rank 95: Destination Resource Bundle
  • Rank 96: Bright Dust x1,200
  • Rank 97: Epialos Following Hood (Legendary Warlock Universal Ornament)
  • Rank 98: Exotic Engram
  • Rank 99: Shower of Wealth (Exotic Emote)
  • Rank 100: One False Step (Exotic Weapon Ornament)
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How can I obtain the Trespasser Exotic?

Now that you know how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2, let’s look at Trespasser Exotic. You may receive the Trespasser Exotic sidearm right now by purchasing the premium Season Pass. The weapon is also accessible to free-to-play gamers, but they must win it by achieving Rank 35 of the Season of the Haunted Season Pass’s free track. However, the Trespasser ornament “One False Step” is only available to premium Season Pass owners who have reached Rank 100. With the knowledge of how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2 and how can I obtain the Trespasser Exotic, you can now get all the prizes.

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How to quickly level up Season Pass in Destiny 2?

Now that you know how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2, let’s look at how you can level up the season pass quickly.

  • Equip XP Mods: XP Mods boost the amount of experience you receive by completing activities or bounties. You may equip them with your Ghost and receive an extra 12% XP for leveling it up.
  • Use XP Bonuses: Some Season 17 Season Pass gifts include XP boosters that may be used to level up faster. Take note of the XP awards you gain in the track as you proceed.
  • Complete Seasonal Challenges: Seasonal Challenges provide you with massive XP boosts as well as other goodies. These are refreshed weekly, so you may continue to do them.
  • Completing Bounties: Take Bounties from vendors on a daily basis to boost your XP farming.
  • Log in Frequently: Destiny 2 players who log in frequently receive a “well rested” bonus for the first five levels of the Season Pass. The Well Rested buff gives you twice the XP you should normally get.

That concludes our guide on how to claim past season rewards Destiny 2. We hope you find this information to be useful. More guides like Treasure coordinates in Destiny 2 can help you step up your game.

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How do you get past season content in Destiny 2? ›

Can I Play a Season That Has Expired? Players who don't own the Season Pass for that Season and would like to access its content must purchase or upgrade to the latest yearly Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. This content will be available until the Year ends.

How do I claim my season 18 rewards in Destiny 2? ›

Visit the Bungie Rewards page and click "Claim Reward" beneath the specific reward. Log into Destiny 2 with the linked account to locate your in-game reward. Most digital Bungie Rewards claimed through can be located in Collections>Flair>Emblems>General, or in Master Rahool's inventory.

Can you still play old Destiny 2 content? ›

Because the first three major expansions have been vaulted, and the seasonal content isn't replayable at all, catching up with the Destiny 2 story in its original form (by playing it) is impossible.

How do I claim my 30th anniversary Destiny 2 rewards? ›

Click the button that says Get, and the base game will be added to the players' collection. One important step to keep in mind is that in order to actually claim the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, players must download the game as well in order to officially claim it. Once it has been claimed, players get to keep it.

Where do I claim my redeemed items in Destiny 2? ›

  • Redeemed Add-Ons or DLC may need to be downloaded and installed.
  • In-game items redeemed for Destiny 2 may be delivered to the Postmaster, unlocked in an Item Collection located in the Vault, or are acquired from a Vendor.
Feb 24, 2023

How do I claim my 30th anniversary items Destiny 2? ›

You will have to purchase the additional Shadowkeep, Beyond Light and Witch Queen expansions separately. You'll need to purchase the upcoming Lightfall expansion as well, if that's on your radar for gameplay. Log in to the game and you will be able to claim the 30th Anniversary Pack.

Do you get all the Battle Pass Rewards After that season ends? ›

Yes! You keep every Battle Pass reward you've unlocked after the season is over.

Why was Forsaken removed? ›

Over the past few years, Bungie has removed a number of paid DLCs — making them no longer playable to anyone — because the game grew to a point where it was difficult to implement new content. The Red War campaign, Warmind, Curse of Osiris, and Forsaken were all placed into the Destiny Content Vault as a result.

Is Shadowkeep removed? ›

On December 8, 2021, Destiny 2 and its expansions (Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light) left Xbox Game Pass on console and cloud. On April 11, 2022, Destiny 2 and its expansions (Forsaken Pack, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light) will leave Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Is Destiny 2 no longer removing content? ›

In August 2022, it was announced that Destiny 2 expansions would no longer be vaulted. Seasonal content will continue to stay throughout the current expansion Year and then move to the Destiny Content Vault when a new Expansion launches.

How to get 30th anniversary free? ›

Getting the free Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for your Destiny 2 account is really easy despite the aforementioned warning. All you need to do is open the Epic Games Store app or the website on your PC, search for the “Destiny 2 Bungie Pack“, open the page, and click on the Get button.

How do I claim 30th anniversary triumphs? ›

The following Triumphs can be found by inspecting the 30th Anniversary Triumph Seal in the Triumphs tab.
  1. Let's See What You'll Be Taking Home – Spend Treasure Keys in Xur's Treasure Room on Eternity.
  2. Fateful Spin – Face each of the Wheel of Adversity's challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty.
Jan 13, 2022

Is the 30th anniversary pack limited time? ›

A new announcement from Bungie reveals that the content from Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary will stay in the game throughout 2022. Now that it's 2022, players can expect to see new content on the horizon for Destiny 2.

How do you claim codes in Destiny 2? ›

To redeem codes in Destiny 2, head to the official Destiny 2 Code Redemption page. You must first log in to your account before redeeming codes. On the redemption page, you'll see your currently logged-in account, and a space to enter your code. Simply enter the code and click "Redeem".

Are there redeem codes in Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2 emblem codes for March 2023

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, an emblem is still available to redeem with the following code: TNN-DKM-6LG.

Can you get Gjallarhorn without 30th anniversary pack? ›

To get Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2, you'll have to buy the 30th Anniversary Pack. Without it, you can't access the quest to obtain the rocket launcher. Once you've got the anniversary pack, head to Xur at the Treasure Hoard in Eternity and grab the “And Out Fly the Wolves” quest.

Is the Destiny 2 30th anniversary Pack permanent? ›

The Destiny 2 30th anniversary content is staying permanently, Bungie said. Unlike other content, including the Forsaken expansion, it won't be headed into the vault. will have its next big expansion called The Witch Queen this February 22, 2022.

Is 30th anniversary pack worth it? ›

Overall, there's some pretty sweet loot you can get your hands on with the 30th Anniversary Pack and additional free content; especially with the new perks that I really hope we'll see more of in future. But it's not just legendaries you'll be grabbing.

How do I claim my Amazon rewards from Destiny 2? ›

If you're already a Prime member, then click “Sign In” to sign in to your Prime account and click “Get in-game content” to begin the claim process. Step 2: Log into Destiny 2 and visit Master Rahool in the Tower's hangar to collect your Exotic gear drop. Step 3: Destroy your enemies and look good doing it.

How do you claim bounty rewards in Destiny 2? ›

Travel to the Tower in Destiny 2 and visit with either Commander Zavala or Lord Shaxx. They will have the available bounties listed. There will be five available bounties for each. A single bounty will require that Guardians spend 250 Glimmer to acquire it, and they have only 24 hours to complete it.

How do I redeem my rewards? ›

You can generally redeem your credit card rewards online or through the issuer's mobile app, depending on the card. Some credit card issuers also let you redeem rewards over the phone. Credit card reward points may be redeemable for cash back, travel purchases, gift cards, and more.

Can you get Season of the Chosen still? ›

The Chosen Season Three is now streaming on all of Angel Studios' platforms. Enjoy all three seasons for free and get introduced to amazing new content that amplifies light.

How do I access Season 2 of The Chosen? ›

Download the Peacock app and start streaming full episodes of The Chosen. You can watch The Chosen on Peacock. Peacock currently has 2 seasons of The Chosen available for streaming.

How do I claim 2 destiny codes? ›

To redeem codes in Destiny 2, head to the official Destiny 2 Code Redemption page. You must first log in to your account before redeeming codes. On the redemption page, you'll see your currently logged-in account, and a space to enter your code. Simply enter the code and click "Redeem".

How do I get to the Amazon reward section? ›

Go to the Shop with Points page in Your Account. Select the toggle on button below the Use rewards option.

How do I use my Amazon earned rewards? ›

Every 100 points = $1.00 when redeemed at toward eligible purchases. You can use your points for eligible purchases at or redeem your points through Chase for cash back, gift cards, and travel. Minimum redemption amounts apply to gift cards and cash back.

Can you get Osteo Striga without deluxe edition? ›

How to get Osteo Striga in Destiny 2. Osteo Striga was added to Destiny 2 as part of the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion. Originally it was reserved exclusively for people who purchased the Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen, but subsequent updates made it available to anyone who completes the Witch Queen campaign.

Do you get anything for beating Witch Queen on legendary? ›

As a reward for completing the whole campaign on Legendary, you will receive: A full set of 1520 Power level gear. Eight Upgrade Modules. The Triumph required to complete the Throne World's seal.

How do I claim Pre Order Osteo Striga? ›

In order to get hold of Osteo Striga, you'll first need to complete The Witch Queen's story campaign. That can be an investment in and of itself, as the campaign is pretty long, especially if you play it on Legendary difficulty. Expect to invest some time in uncovering the secrets of Savathun's throne world.

Do unclaimed bounties expire Destiny 2? ›

According to Bungie, they most certainly will not. Bounties that are completed at any point during this current season will be preserved until after the release of Destiny 2's next expansion, The Witch Queen.

Do bounties expire d2? ›

Event Conclusion: At the end of an Iron Banner event, Iron Banner bounties will expire. Players can keep these in their inventory until the next Season where they will be removed. Players who choose to not turn in their Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin will be able to keep their tokens for the next Iron Banner event.

How do I collect my bounty money? ›

A player must subdue the target to earn the bounty. A bounty can be earned in Eddies and Street Cred by scanning the scanner. Players frequently seek to subdue more than just the bounty with the individual bounty. In Cyberpunk 2077, a single reward can be obtained in a matter of days.


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