Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (2023)

Leaked scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 confirm Hagakure Toru as the U.A. traitor. Many fans suspected her to be the traitor since this theory started to take form. However, no one expected a confirmation so long after the last time the U.A. traitor was mentioned.

Here are the hints and what we know about Hagakure Toru so far.

History, hints, and missed clues about Hagakure Toru as the U.A. traitor


another day of not knowing how Toru Hagakure‚Äôs face looks ūüėě https://t.co/ZWMSXJIa7G

Hagakure Toru, aka Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl, is a student of Class 1-A in U.A. Since her quirk makes her completely invisible, not much about her physical appearance is shown within the canon.

Her hero costume consists of gloves and boots, which she takes off to become completely invisible.

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (1)

Hagakure Toru’s quirk, Invisibility, makes her ideal for all kinds of stealth missions. However, to completely employ her quirk, she often has to take off all of her clothes.

Hagakure has also displayed considerable self-defense capabilities. During the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Hagakure develops her body’s ability to reflect and refract light and invents a super move, Warp Refraction. She refracts sunlight into bright flashes, rendering her opponent temporarily blind.

After her internship with Pro Hero Musha Yoroi, Hagakure further developed her ability to manipulate light-based attacks such as Aoyama’s Navel Laser.

U.A. traitor theory

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (2)

The U.A. traitor theory first came into conception after the Forest Training Arc. During a meeting in Chapter 83 (Season 3 in the anime), Present Mic first suspects a traitor planted in U.A. who has been supplying the villains with information.

And indeed, the villains managed to find the U.A. students three times even when their whereabouts were supposed to be top secret.

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (3)

After another mention in Chapter 98, the traitor theory seemed all but confirmed. More guesses about who the traitor was seemed to keep surfacing. While others like Aoyama and Kaminari were popular suspects, Hagakure Toru was the most popular choice due to her natural stealth ability.

they should've listened... ironic enough that midnight is dead ūüėā https://t.co/3R3FOlivi1

But there was hardly any mention of the U.A. Traitor theory after this in the manga or the anime. With no further canon validation, the idea was considered to be a forgotten plot point by most.

However, when the ‚ÄúDabi is Touya Todoroki‚ÄĚ theory was confirmed during the War Arc, fans started speculating if other theories might also get confirmed later. Since the U.A. Traitor theory did not have as many hints as the Dabi one, it was again pushed to the background.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 335

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (4)

Coming completely out of left field, the leaked scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 seemed to confirm Hagakure Toru as the U.A. traitor. In the raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 335, All For One says that he has been planning this war against heroes for decades, and what secures AFO’s victory is that he has friends.

As he says it, a light catches Shigaraki Tomura‚Äôs eyes, and the next panel shows U.A. from far away. The last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 shows AFO‚Äôs words, ‚ÄúI Have Friends‚ÄĚ, plastered on the picture of a mysteriously drawn Hagakure Toru.

Is Hagakure Toru the confirmed U.A. Traitor?

she tried to get to the device where it showed deku’s location….. https://t.co/Wg1tzFcHNi

While it is seemingly confirmed that Hagakure Toru is the U.A. traitor, Horikoshi Kohei has been known to subvert or blatantly destroy his readers’ hopes and expectations. It makes sense for Hagakure to be the traitor with her quirk, but there needs to be a logical explanation for why she would either betray her friends to AFO or infiltrate U.A. as a spy.

Hagakure may have been a part of the League of Villains all along, but it is also possible that AFO is someway threatening Hagakure or her family. Horikoshi could very well come up with a yet unthinkable reason as well. It is better to keep an open mind when it comes to My Hero Academia.

Were there prior hints?

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (5)

There were two hints and one clue to Hagakure Toru being the U.A. traitor. The first hint is that she is the only Class 1-A student who has not been officially introduced with her quirk on a chapter-end page.

The second is that her team had to be the villain during the first battle exercise, though this is not a very strong point.

Hagakure Toru and U.A. Traitor: Hints and history up to My Hero Academia Chapter 335 (leaked) (6)

The only clue about this was that Hagakure was the one to recommend the mall trip after their final exams and before the Forest Training arc. It is in this mall that Midoriya gets separated from his friends and is threatened by Shigaraki, who had no way of knowing the students’ whereabouts unless there was a traitor.

#mha335 #MHASpoilers #bnha335 everyone was so quick to write hagakure off as not the traitor from this panel because her imprint is there, but her body isnt actually there - she literally would have to be naked if she was ūüĎĀūüĎĄūüĎĀ https://t.co/9ZutcXZp1H

In the Forest Training Arc, Hagakure Toru is not explicitly on the map, nor was her quirk training explained in the extra panels. During the villains’ attack, Hagakure is only seen passed out next to Aoyama, which is the perfect alibi for her if she was the U.A. traitor.

Final thoughts

While it is almost sure that Hagakure Toru is the U.A. traitor, it’s safer to wait for the official scans to come out this Sunday, as well as for Horikoshi to confirm it with concrete words.

Whether or not Hagakure as the U.A. traitor is an unexpected cliché development is another discussion altogether. My Hero Academia Chapter 335 will be officially available on viz, Shueisha’s Website, and Shounen Jump.

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