Dragonflight Best PvP Classes & Specs 2023 (2023)

After playing a lot of games of the arena in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, do you have a better idea of what is a good PvP class and what is actually not that good?Today we are doing the official Dragonflight season 1 PvP tier list 2023 and ranking all classes and specs. Before we begin, we do want to say that you're going to do better in a class that you enjoy.

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Tier List 2023 - WoW Dragonflight Best PvP Class & Spec Ranking 2023

If you're reading this WoW Dragonflight PvP class ranking season 1 to decide what class you're playing, keep in mind that things get buffed and nerfed all the time. So if you're going with an s tier class, a month down the road, it could get nerfed. On the other end of the spectrum, if you're playing a d tier class, it could also get buffed. The second thing we want to say is this is a general Dragonflight PvP tier list meaning that a class might be really good in rbgs, but not so good in 1v1. It might be really good in 1v1 and not so good in 3v3. Instead, we're just going to do the general strength of the class and how well you can fare in PvP.

S Tier

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest should not be a surprise up in the S tier. They're doing so much damage, they have great utility, and they can save their partners with shields, with a swamp, with grips, etc. They just do so much damage. On top of that, they avoid volley stuns, silence, and so much control.


AssassinationRogueisdefinitely an S tier best PvP class in WoW Dragonflight.AssassinationRogueis very strong, has high DPS, and has kidney shots, blinds, and saps. It can deal just insane damage most importantly.

Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock belongs to S tier on this Dragonflight season 1 PvP tier list. This does not come to suppress anyone. The pets are just super over-tuned, doing so much damage, they're also like Invincible. They like cannot die, they're the tankiest of the three warlock specs.


Evoker is an easy S tier healer in Dragonflight. It doesn't really go incredible throughput, great healer, you can use the Tranquility ability to insane HPS well stunned which keeps it alive during cause. It has great mobility and insane hots.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druidisa little bit better than thePreservationEvoker.Restoration Druidisthe best healer in the game. The throughput is insane, you have the cyclones for the control. They're hard to kill.Restoration Druids arethe top performing healer, second by that Evoker.

A Tier


Arcane Mage

The reason why Arcane Mage is in the A tier is that S tier classes have an extra leg up. A tier is still really good but just not quite there. Arcane Mage has great mobility, burst, CC, and overall is a good class. It has a bit of strength over the other major specs because of that 50% movement speed from Chrono shift. So Arcane's going to be able to mobilize itself around the arena quite well. Arcane Mage is the best mage spec in Dragonflight World of Warcraft.

Affliction Warlock

This is a very strong spec, but not quite as strong as Demos. Affliction is doing the most damage in the game but it's a little squishier. It can die and there's a little less annoying control like the pet stuns, the pet kicks, etc, from the Affliction Warlock than the Demonology Warlock. So overall we just put Affliction a little bit worse on this WoW Dragonflight PvP class ranking, but still very good.

Outlaw Rogue

This might come as a surprise to some of you but we're going to put Outlaw Rogue in either A or S tier. If you look at the representations of a lot of specializations, Outlaw is actually very low. Outlaw is one of those sleeper op specs in Dragonflight season 1. It’s almost as good as Assassination Rouge. So let's put it in A tier, very strong spec. Once Assassination Rouge gets nerfed in a coming patch or two and then Outlaw might be the best Dragonflight PvP spec.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is super strong, maybe not as strong as a Demo, or Assassination but could be considered that strong. The truth is that Elemental Shaman has incredible bursts right now and gets one shot. The one-shot will probably get tuned down and then they might get buffs in other areas to compensate.

Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior is pretty darn good even post nerf from a couple of days ago. Fury Warrior is not that bad after the nerfs.It is one of the upper classes. Despite the nerfs, their healing is still high, the damage is ridiculous, and it is A tier spec.

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight is still an insane PvP class after the nerfs. Unholy is still crazy.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter despite the nerfs being very strong, Demon Hunters the top of A tier on this WoW Dragonflight season 1 PvP tier list. You could also put them at bottom of the S tier. Demon Hunter is very good.


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MarksmanshipHunterisvery solid. Unfortunately, the removal of the double tap is coming next patch, so we'll have to see what happens then. But Marksmanship Hunters right now are just doing insane damage and the thing aboutMarksmanshipHuntersis it's hard to catch them. Because of the faint Dev freedoms, they just stay a million yards away every time you run at them, they kill you through a pillar with rapid fire and you're just dead.MarksmanshipHunteris definitely on one of the Dragonflight WoW best PvP specs.

Feral Druid

Feral Druid is a very good spec in Dragonflight season 1 right now. You could have put it in S or on top of A. Feral Druid has a very high damage output against single and numerous targets. It has strong cooldown tools with berserk icon berserk and convokes the spirits icon convoke the spirits.

Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk probably has the most bursts in the game. You can kill someone hundred to O in 1.0 seconds, it's insane. The problem with the Windwalker Monk is they're relatively squishy. You die, and you have that Karma but karma breaks like a piece of paper.

Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman is a little worse than that Resto Druid, a little worse than the Preservation Evoker, but a fairly strong healer overall.

Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monkis very similar to the Arms Shaman, better than the Holy Paladin.Mistweaver Monkshave very good throughput, the Mana is not quite as good as these two S tier healers but it's still better than Holy Paladin.

B Tier

Sub Rogue

Sub Rogue should be in the Stier but got nerfed once or twice.Sub Roguedoes very well in 1v1, 2v2, and is a little bit weaker in 3v3. Because they don't have the sustained damage of some other classes.

Frost Mage

Frost lends itself well to comps with a Warlock or a Shadow Priest, more like caster cleave compositions. Frost has a lot of slows, high consistent pressure, maybe not as much burst and still can burst very heavily with a glacial spike. But the strength of Frost is that you can just throw blizzard and throw orb and let your Warlock go to town, keep everything under control. Frost Mage is a little better than Fire Mage and a little worse than Arcane.

Destruction Warlock

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Destruction Warlock is a pretty good spec. The Warlock spec's probably Demo after Destruction Warlock. Frost Destro makes a pretty solid comp. It might not be like the top of the meta but it could do pretty well. It has lots of pairings with that Destruction Warlock, you could play Destruction Shadow Priests, and probably do pretty well Destro Arcane and double Caster would probably do pretty decently.

Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter might be a little worse, probably both in B tier. It feels good but maybe not as good as some other specs.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunter is a ranged DPS spec with high mobility. It is the only Ranged spec in the game that can perform its rotation while moving. But it has the same problem with Survival Hunter. In threes, you don't see them as much.

Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior does not feel as strong as Fury. It's a little squishier than Fury. Having said that, the burst from Arms is still there, the consistent pressure is there, the mortal strike is there, and the utility is there, so we're going to call it a B tier spec.

Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladinis in a similar position, it has some pretty high bursts, some great healing, has some great utility, but it's not as good as some of these other A tier or definitely an S tier specs.

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin is not doing too badly, it actually does decently in Solo Shuffle. Because in Solo Shuffle, you have the bubbles, the bops, the sacks, the blinds, you have actually a lot of hard outs which does very well in Solo Shuffle. So in Solo Shuffle, Holy Paladin does very well. But overall in the game, it is a little bit worse than some other specs.

Holy Priest

Holy Priest still does very well and lends itself well to rmp but the Holy Priest does go very quickly. So if you don't win in a few minutes, you auto lose which is rough. Holy Priest and Holy Paladin are in a similar position.


DisciplinePriestmay bea bit better than in some comps, maybe a little worse than others.DisciplinePriestdoes not go as fast as the Holy Priest which is nice but theDisciplinePrieststruggles with control. It doesn't have a chastise, doesn't have a paralysis like the Monk, it doesn't have the hammer of justice. You just have the fear, but to get the fear take setup. So we have some weaknesses there with theDisciplinePriest.

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Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shamanseemed insane on the beta. We're going to call this around B tier class. They could be really sleepers and no one knows.

C tier

Fire Mage

We're going to put the Fire Mage down in C tier. Fire is not a terrible spec by any means, it's just their specs that are stronger than it is relatively. Fire feels pretty nice but it's as strong of a class with less mobility and less tanky.

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight isunderperforming just a little bit in terms of overall damage.

Balance Druid

Balance Druid is probably the least worst-performing spec in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Even these C tier classes are playable, but it's just not as good.

Devastation Evoker

It's either going to be like top C or bottom of B for that Devastation. It feels like you can do the most damage ever and you can always top the meters even into something like Demo Warlocks so it does like the most damaged world. The issue with it is, you can die, you don't have any button to press while stunned. But most classes can use something while stunned to not die, Evoker's nothing.

D Tier

Protection Warrior

Protection Paladin


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Guardian Druid


Blood Death Knight


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